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The Benefits of Custom Software in Manufacturing: Part 3

Welcome to the final part of our three part series on the benefits of custom software. So far, we have explored the idea of streamlining and simplifying your operation and increasing the transparency of your ERP data. In this edition we are going to look at the overall benefit of improving communication and the flow of information.

When one of our customers conducted an employee satisfaction survey, prior to embarking on their digital transformation journey, it was identified that many employees felt that there was a lack of communication between the shop floor and the office, or the workers and upper management. After conducting further investigation about what this meant, it was identified that this perceived lack of communication was actually to do with the lack of information. There was a clear issue with the flow of information to the workers on the front line, who lacked easy and timely access to a computer to obtain any ERP data needed to support their positions. How did Norcode help with this? By helping this customer develop a suite of applications, supported by the implementation of tablets on the shop floor, mounted to all machines, Norcode was able to deliver the desired information right to the employees' fingertips. Allowing employees to access machine setups, assembly information, purchase orders, job lists and customer information with ease empowers allows them to be empowered to access the information they need right from the shop floor. Norcode can even develop a custom communication tool for your operation to allow important messages to be pushed from the office to the shop floor or between departments.

Increasing the strength of your operational communication by bettering the flow of information can improve efficiency and boost productivity - ultimately saving time, money and increasing profitability!

Keep visiting our blog to learn about some of our products and services and how we have helped our customers achieve excellence.

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