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The Benefits of Custom Software in Manufacturing: Part 1

Norcode’s mission is to spread the benefits of custom software to anyone in need of a little operational simplification. This is why we have found a niche in the manufacturing market - as the intricacies of the industry, and the uniqueness of each operation really require the use of systems designed specifically for their business. Welcome to part one of our three part series on “The Benefits of Custom Software in Manufacturing.” In this series we will explore three ways custom software adds value to manufacturing: by streamlining and simplifying operations, increasing transparency of ERP data and finally, improving communication and the flow of information. In part one, we will start by exploring the most straight forward concept: streamlining and simplifying your operation.

Traditional ERP and MRP systems are designed by a team of individuals based on their perceived notions of how operations are and should be run. We have found that how an ERP has designed a task to be completed is almost never how our customers would have liked. Having to trip over complicated processes just to fit into your out of the box software is hardly an efficient way to operate. Nor is utilizing static systems, like Excel spreadsheets, to record and manipulate your data. Instead, become the architect of your own processes and dictate exactly how you want a job or process to be completed. Norcode believes your software should be made to fit you - not the other way around. We are experts at creating simple solutions to complicated problems to help manufacturers increase operational efficiencies through streamlining and simplifying their processes.

Our customers have seen large increase in profit with near zero additional overhead by creating operational efficiencies using custom software to increase their capacity. Our customers come to us with a problem, and we work together to create a solution, that show real results. Some of the areas we have been able to improve for our customers are:

-Scrap rates

-Inventory Management

-Machine setup times

-Delivery truck tracking

-Employee on-boarding and training


-Employee Consistency

-Quality Control/Quality Assurance

-Production Planning

Looking for a little streamlining and/or simplification in any of these, or other areas? Reach out to Norcode to learn more about our custom software solutions!

Keep checking our blog for part two and three of “The Benefits of Custom Software in Manufacturing.”

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